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Here you find technical help for the handling of your Timeshare Market. The whole may may be new for you but after settle down you will appriciate the comfort.


At Market you find the whole offering of appartements for rental and purchase after selection of resorts or countries in an uniform presentation. The offering is ascendent sortable by year, week type, week, club, appartment typ and restrictable (advertisement typ, resort, club, and country), as you like so that you can find soon what you look for. Additional you can sort out the latest advertisements of the last 2 or 4 weeks. After selecting in the overlook with click on the left site on Advert the detailed view of the selected advertisement with all data is shown on the right site. The there stated link to the club leads to the page resort and shows the detailed view of the club.


At Resorts you find a short description of all clubs of this market with web links to the clubs. As a rule you will find there additional detailed information about the club with pictures. At selection of a club in the overlook the detailed view opens with all data. Among it the RCI number of the club and the automatically created link to the RCI directory.

Registration and login

Before you put in an advertisement you must registrate single at Login with user name / password and you will be logged in.

You should choose for your user name the syntax CSurname where C stands for the first character of your christian name and Surname for your surname. That means e.g. JFisher for Jim Fisher.

Once registrated at a new visit of the web site you can login at Login (user name / password) having access to Advertisement / Insert and to your private advertisements at Advertisement / Update.

Insert advertisement

At Advertise / Insert all necessary information will be asked in a form. The input fields will be activated context sensitive and will be checked of content and structure to avoid wrong inputs. E.g. for flexible weeks no weeks from / to and for selling the year can not be inserted. You can select if your or our contact information will be published.

You can select the resort and timeshare club. If you do not find a club select as resort "Sonstige" and as club "sonstige Anlage". After this an input field is shown where you can input any club name. New clubs will be created by the administration at Resorts.

The date of advertisement, expire date of advertisement, and the arrival date will automatically be computed and inserted in the form. The arrival date can be also filled in manually in case of different week count. The link to the club of the rersort and the maximum number of persons in a studio or appartment will also automatically be computed and inserted in the form.

For Anfi clubs you find at Kalendar a calendar to get the arrival date from year, week and arrival day.

Combined advertisements for rent out and sell of appartments must be put in separately out of technical reasons (two advertisements). But the first one can serve as a template for the second one to save time inputting the same data.

Inserted advertisements are shown and can be printed.

Update advertisement

If you have put in your advertisement you can see it at Advertise / Update and update it. There you can for e.g. selling upload up to two private files (pictures JPEG, documents PDF), and delete or exchange it. Inserted advertisements will be activated at Gebühreneingang freigeschaltet and will be visible only then at Market. Control always if your advertisement is included at Market and is put as you want.

After login you have under Advertise / Update everytime private access to your advertisements and can update, and deactivate them free of cost. Updates with relevance to fee as transfering the advertisement in the next year are not possible. In case of successful advertisement you can deactivate your advertisement under Advertise / Update so that you and we (if the contact is over us) are not more contacted by interested parties. Deactivated advertisements can then be used as a template for new similar avertisements.

Expired advertisements will be at expire date (see Fee) deactivated by us - if not already done by you - and will be not visible at Market anymore. They will still be stored and can be used at Advertisement / Insert as a template for similar advertisements.

Guest book

The Guest book is available for all and can be sorted as you like. It is possible to make inputs with valuation of web site, offer and experience after log in. If e.g. you want to see positive comments with good valuation of the advertisement market you can sort for column experience with good valuation first.


At Contact you see our contact information and you can send emails.


At Fee the fee for advertisements are shown. For members of the Anfi Mitglieder Club Deutschland e.V., AMCD (www.anfi-club.de) the fee is reduced.