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What is Timeshare / Timesharing?

The history of timeshare

The origin of timeshare comes from France. There 30 years ago a hotel was build by many owners who shared the usage of the apartments.

he new idea of combining hotel investment and vacation pre-investment turned into a triumphal march in the USA and came from there back to Europe.

How does timeshare work?

Timeshare combines contracts of the hotel and touristic branch, where an owner gives a customer (timeshare usage right owner) the right to use a flat, e.g. an apartment, at a certain time or flexible time of the year by paying a fixed price. That means a timeshare holder is a shared usage right owner opposed a shared property owner.

There are various concepts, here are some common ones: The customer gets for paying a certain purchase sum the right to use each year, or each odd year, or each even year in turn a vacation accommodation (hotel room or apartment) a certain period of time, mostly a fixed week.

This rights can be used depending of the contract, owner and concept from few years to not limited years. The usage rights can also be left, resaled, rented or given away.

Similar to a flat-sharing community it is common that that the timeshare usage right owner pays the operation, administration and maintenance fee

Timeshare is often compared, even by timeshare companies, with a vacation accommodation or vacation house of time.

What is the difference to fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership is similar to timeshare when it comes to usage rights but differs fundamentally in one point: The fractional ownership holder is a shared property owner of the resort or apartment opposed to shared time (week) usage rights as with timeshare. The fractional ownership is coupled with shared time (weeks) usage rights of apartments or usage rights of apartments. Concepts may differ.


Timeshare in the EU is regulated:

EU Timeshare Directive 94/47/EC of 1994.

EU Timeshare Directive 2008/122/EC of 2009, coming into national law till 23th February 2011. Spanish law 08/2012 of 7th Juli 2012.

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