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The Android Timeshare App 'TimeshareRR' is the mobile companion of the Timeshare-Markt.de website using the same database. It allows for timeshare resorts on the canary islands rental and resale of using rights PRIVATE to PRIVATE directly without the need of any third party between. The features are:

  • German, English, and Norwegian language.
  • Rentals, rentals wanted and resales adverts.
  • In overview and in detail view.
  • New adverts are marked with colour in the overview.
  • Published adverts are anonymous (privacy).
  • Users can contact the owner by click.
  • Advertising requires social media login.
  • Sign-in by Google or Facebook account.
  • Users can change and deactivate their adverts.
  • Week portfolio management.
  • Timeshare calendar.
  • Timeshare calendar with available weeks.
  • Request of guest certificate.
  • Notifications about wanted weeks.
  • Notifications about new adverts.
  • General notifications

All processes are fully automated. The app stores the following data:

  • Advert data and name, email address, optional telephone number.
  • User name derived from email address.
  • No personal data are published (privacy)!
  • Deactivated advert data are deleted after 5 years.
  • On request information about stored personal data.
  • On request personal data are deleted.

Compliant with the European private data protection law EU REGULATION EU 2016/679.

Link Google Play Store

In the smartphone you find the app in the Google Play Store searching for 'timeshare anfi'.

Timeshare app