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Tips and rules for resale

What has to be paid attention for with resale?

  • If you want to resale private you must take care about all necessary steps by yourself and follow proceedings that insure that not only the buyer but also you get your right, that means your money.
  • Pay always attention to the relevant rules of the resort.
  • Even if the use of services provided by notaries or trusted persons will cost the buyer money this is recommended. Only then the agreed step by step proceeding is granted. The only secure alternative for the seller is cash in advance. As a buyer you may certainly not accept that.
  • Please inform the buyer for sake of fairness before the resale that private bayed  weeks currently have other rights than original weeks bought from Anfi. For example you currently cannot join the Anfi Vacation Club.
  • The seller normally does not pay transaction fees.
  • Be alarmed if you trade not directly with the buyer. As a rule with this "deals for friends" there will be hidden provisions you will not hear of. You should always deal directly with the buyer. Only then you really will learn what value your week has.
  • Mediator fees are acceptable if they are shown transparently or if it is known that the service is a "business" to make money and not a "friendship service" or a so called service of a national timeshare club. Fees are normally not paid by the seller.
  • You should be especially cautious if so called honorary offices and mediator services are mixed.

Tips and rules for rental

What has to be paid attention for with rental?

    • Anfi offers a rental program. Before you rent out private you should inform yourself about this program as an alternative.
    •  If you want to rent out or to rent private you must take care about the necessary steps by yourself. In some cases you need an additional and not cost free guest certificate.
    •  Pay always attention to the relevant rules of the resort.
    •  For rent you need the security that you can use the week without restrictions.
    • If you want to use a week from a timeshare holder you need for security a copy of the proof that the maintenance fee has been paid and the written confirmation or guest certificate that you can use the week as a guest. Of course you should carry these documents with you on your travel to Gran Canary.
    • Be alarmed if you get enquiries or offers from so called friends. According to our experience this are hidden commercial deals with exceptional profit. Serious  agents present themselves.
    • The achieved prices for rent out are extremely low compared with the market value. If you are not sure about the market value of a 5-star apartment you should consult travel catalogues or simply ask Anfi del Mar for the cost of a week to rent. Please do not compare apples with windfalls.
      It is a pity that realistic prices cannot be archived due to the great offer and low demand. We take an 4-digit price as realistic in medium-term.
    • An offer for rent below the maintenance fee is not serious and should be rejected. Such big gifts are only for the family.