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Timeshare-Market.net is the advertisement market for resale and rental of timeshare-usage and property rights. Resale or rental is private-to-private. The complete contact is directly between both parties.

Timeshare-Markt.de came into existence with the foundation of Anfi Mitglieder Club Deutschland e.V. in 2005 with timeshare owners in Anfi del Mar, Grand Canary, whose club members rented or resaled there weeks among them. It is supported by the club, but operates as a legal separate business independent of the club.

Based on our history we are specialized on weeks of Anfi del Mar Resorts, but have also included Mondi Holiday Resorts and others with increasing numbers. So we run a world-wide timesharing market.

We have yearly many visitors and have already put more than 4,000 resale and rental advertisements. Among others the market is supported by Anfi Mitglieder Club Deutschland e.V (AMCD).

On one site mostly there are owners of usage or property rights who for reasons of health, interest, time or age, but also because they have bought a persistent own property in Gran Canary, want to resale or to rent out there timesharing rights.

On the other site mostly there are interested people, who want to buy or rent additional weeks to the weeks they already have, and others who know the resorts already and want to buy an own timesharing right or want to rent an additional apartment in parallel to there own weeks for there friends or family.

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