You find the whole offering of apartments for rental, renting, and purchase in an uniform presentation. New advertisements since the last two weeks are marked with red ID number. After selecting an advert left in the overview with click on the ID number it's detailed view with all data is shown on the right site.

Registration and login

Before you put in an advertisement you must login with social media account or website account. Website login requires single registration with user name, password and email address.

Just for better memory you should choose for your user name the syntax CSurname where C stands for the first character of your christian name and Surname for your surname. That means e.g. JFisher for Jim Fisher.

Insert advert

After login at tab 'Put Advert' at tab 'admin' all necessary information will be asked for in a form. The input fields will be activated context sensitive and will be checked of content and structure to avoid wrong inputs. You can select if your or our contact information will be used.

The date of advertisement, expire date of advertisement, and the arrival date will be computed automatically and inserted in the form. The same is true for the maximum number of persons in a studio or apartment.

After inserted adverts you get a confirmaion email with link to the advertisement. Control always if your advert is included in the market and is put as you want it.

Help cont.

Update advert

You can update your advert after login at tab 'Active adverts & Update'.

In case of successful advertisement you can deactivate your advert, so that you and we (if the contact is over us) are not more contacted by interested parties.

Expired adverts will be deactivated by us at expire date - if not already done by you - and will not be visible in the market anymore. They will still be stored and after login at tab 'Portfolio', they can be used as a template for similar follow up adverts.


The calendar includes the annual Anfi calendar with arrival date depending from year, week and arrival day.


At contact you see our contact information and you can send emails to us.