++ Rental wanted ID=6819, week 2-3, Club Gran Anfi ++

Private resale of Anfi weeks

The buyer must transfer the full purchase price to the buyer's account. It is also possible to pay in installments as the processing progresses. Complete security for the paying buyer is only possible with a notary escrow account. However, this is expensive with a buyer abroad and is not possible in some countries. If you trust the buyer, you don't need this.

The seller can cancel the purchase by notifying Anfi Customer Service until the buyer requests the new certificate.

Fixed weeks purchased privately are not permitted in the Anfi Vacation Club (AVC). So you can't swap across all 5 clubs these weeks.

The so-called flexible weeks are assigned fixed weeks for private sales (and for new contracts). However, they can be exchanged in the home club (the club that is listed on the membership certificate). Discrimination between privately purchased weeks and weeks regularly purchased from Anfi cannot be ruled out.

Unlike with regular purchases from Anfi, buyers do not have a contract with Anfi for their weeks. The club's statutes apply.

Sales process Anfi weeks

The procedure of private resell transaction according to the rules of Anfi is as follows: