Terms of Use


This is a private online advertisement market for rental and selling of Anfi club using rights. The market is only for private persons, not companies. This persons are called partners with business relations regarding using rights.

Putting advertisements

After registration and login the advertiser can put his advertisements online in a form. Besides this the input can also be made by the operator on basis of the delivered data.

Publication of advertisements

After activation of the advertisement, the advertiser receives an e-mail with a link to his advertisement as confirmation.

Duration of publication

Rental and renting adverts are published till arrival day, resale adverts 18 month.

Data responsibilty

The responsibility for the correct data is exclusively by the advertiser. The advertiser has to check the advertisement data and in case of fault he has to correct them. The alteration of advertisements is possible every time online without cost.

Terms of use cont.

Deactivation of expired advertisements

Expired adverts are deactivated and the advertiser becomes an email about it. Successfull adverts have to be deactivated by the advertiser or by the operator upon a notice to do so.

Responsibility about the business

The business of rental, renting, and resale of using rights is exclusively in the responsibility of partners. The market provides only the means to enable interested partners to find themselves. Landlords and sellers have to observe the relevant club constitution and tax laws.

Hints and advice

Hints on the website or advice are done by best knowledge without liability.